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TV Interview

I was invited to talk with Lois Swinnerton at Big Centre TV this morning about the Pinks N Blues and Miscarriage I do 4/5 three - five minute segments throughout the show

Yesterday I received a phone call from Big Centre TV from Bob Hall saying they would like to invite me to come into the studio to talk about Miscarriage and The Pinks N Blues. I didn't even need to think and said yes, then was asked if I could come in and do the Morning Show the next day!! My regular Thursday appointment had been cancelled earlier so I said yes and agreed to be at the Studio before 8am in Walsall completely the other side of the city and more to me. 

So today I saw myself up at a time I only usually see when I'm coming home to get ready and head over to Walsall.  Arriving at the Big Centre TV I was given a warm welcome and after 15 minutes I was in the chair.  My nerves were shot and my heart was racing as it hit me what I was doing.  Thank fully everyone was really lovely and I felt at ease talking with Lois and sharing some of my journey and that of the Pinks N Blues. 

My first TV interview is done, which I actually found less stressful than the radio and newspaper interviews I have done previously - may be this is because I am in a very different place in my journey than previously.  My hope from doing this interview is that more people will know about the Pinks N Blues CIC for support and awareness, that we have people come forward who can support us in PR, fundraising etc. and those who feel able to support others following their own loss(es) may want to get involved. 

Thank you to everyone who continues to support us, to those who we currently exploring ways of working together - we can do amazing things and make a difference.  Mostly the biggest thank you to my amazing husband who will always be my rock - I love you so much.