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"I just wanted to say that you have helped me amazingly. The whole experience was confusing, traumatic and the best way to describe it .. Was I felt like there was a hole in my soul, like I was incomplete. I still have the latter feeling but I'm now in a place where I don't cry every night and my nightmares dont happen as often. I'm still struggling on days but with your techniques I've managed to deal with my emotions better. I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am." Sophie Birmingham

" The pinks and blues has been a huge help to me after losing our first baby, and to so many other women. During such a lonely and devastating time Catherine was so lovely and was always happy to talk to me about what I was going through - and even now 18 months down the line. The support groups were a great help and I have met some good friends. Thank you very much Catherine, the work you do at the pinks and blues really does make a huge difference to the lives of those who have sadly experienced miscarriage and with helping our little ones memory live on. " Stacey Birmingham

"Her work with families experiencing the loss of a baby during pregnancy is humbling and beautiful, and she deserves recognition for her courage and compassion: just read her story. Big love to you Catherine, Mac and all your Angel Babies." Julia Online

"Sadly after suffering a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks I needed advice, support and questions answered so turned to the internet! Searching through many web sites and face book groups I felt there wasn't really any local support groups until I found the amazing Pinks N Blues!

They offered one to one support and group support in my local area which is what I was really looking for rather than chat rooms and Facebook.

The Pinks N Blues offer a safe, friendly and positive experience! They are not only there for group sessions but also offer support by phone, email and social media
The Pinks N Blues really helped me not just with support and advice but by not feeing alone.

So many women don't get the help and support they need and every area in Britain should have a Pinks N Blues.

Thank you Pinks N Blues"  Julia 

"I first met Catherine and the Pinks n Blues a year ago. In that time she has helped me grieve for my two losses as well as my third pregnancy and safe arrival of our rainbow baby.

I attended the miscarriage support groups. From my initial contact Catherine was extremely supportive through what can be very a daunting experience to turn up to first group. I felt it was a safe environment to share my sorry, inevitably get upset and gain tools to help me through that next month, whether that might include Christmas time special dates or just triggers during everyday life, I gained enough confidence through the group to deal with them. There was no pressure to come to the next group yet I would count down the days until I could.

Pregnancy after loss can often feel like a state of limbo and sometimes guilt towards others who had also had losses, yet at the same time not able to go to the standard ante natal classes that didn't want to acknowledge my first two angels and all the anxieties that go with them. Catherine used her wealth of experience to spot an opportunity for me to still have the support of a group, and meet up with others also going through the frightening experience of pregnancy after loss.

At all times I felt Catherine was available to listen and help me through. I will always be grateful for the huge amounts of compassion and advice she has given me and my husband." Holly

"Miscarriage Support Group......After suffering recurrent miscarriages & finding it all increasingly hard to deal with, I started attending this group. I met many amazing women and found listening to & discussing each others varied experiences to be both heart-breaking but supportive at the same time. Catherine & this group offered the understanding I needed and helped me better deal with my losses. Catherine was so helpful & able to offer guidancee on all aspects both emotionally and practically including how best to navigate the various medical appointments & treatments involved. I would recommend this group to anyone who wants to talk or just listen & to know other women who have suffered similarly want to support you & each other.
Pregnancy After Loss Group.......Finding myself pregnant after recurrent miscarriages was a happy but terrifying experience, I held my breath every day, week, month hoping so much for it to work this time it was difficult to think about anything else. Attending this group gave me the chance to relax for a few hours each month. Talking freely with women who really understood each others thoughts & fears was such a relief compared to all the repeated explaining that had to be done elsewhere. Catherine & the women at this group were a huge support throughout my pregnancy and have now become real friends. I will always be grateful for the immense support I received here." Andrea Birmingham