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We know that pregnancy loss can be a time of confusion, isolation, what if? what next?

At the Pinks N Blues we offer peer support groups, limited 1-2-1 support via email, telephone, Skype, and/or face to face, for anyone who has experienced pregnancy loss(es) and their partners, friends and family, pre-24 weeks

Our groups offer peer support, information and guidance in a safe and supportive space with others who have experienced pregnancy loss(es)

We support your emotional well-being during a time of flux and uncertainty, developing strategies in moving forward, a space to say what you really need to say without judgement but with warmth and understanding.


The Pinks Blues began meeting in 2012 to explore ways of raising Pregnancy Loss Awareness and funds to support our work across the West Midlands, on June 12th 2015 we became a C.I.C.  We offer 1-2-1 and group support to anyone who has experienced a loss of their baby in the 1st and/or 2nd trimester of pregnancy.
One of the group came up with the name of Pinks and Blues and it stuck.
Why Pinks Blues

 as it describes many aspects of the Pregnancy Loss journey for people.

 Pink and Blue the colours of the Baby Loss Awareness Ribbon

Pink and Blue - the two colours used on pregnancy tests - the need for a pink or blue positive line is all consuming
Pink when we are all happy and rosy following the positive test
Blues what we experience following baby loss and on the way to our next pregnancy

Here Catherine founder and director talks about the Pinks N Blues 


Twitter: @thepinksnblues
Instagram: thepinksnnblues
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